How long will my henna last??

Understandably, I get asked this question all the time...and my answer is that it depends on you!

Now before I explain why it depends on you...let me start by saying each henna paste, powder and the quality of ingredients used are important factors that can affect these results. Which is why it's been my mission since I started my henna journey to find quality products. Good henna paste results in cleaner henna designs and vibrant, longer lasting stains.

Also, each skin type is different and everyone will not get the same results from their henna stain. One of the many things that I love about henna is that with different skin tones the shade will be different but always beautiful.

Once the henna design has been applied there are factors that will determine how rich your stain will look and how long it will last:

1. The longer you keep the henna paste on the darker your stain will be. I recommend keeping the paste on for at least 4 hours...keeping it on longer is better, patience is key!

2. Once the paste has been scraped off (DO NOT WASH IT OFF) apply a natural oil or Shea butter to keep the stain protected and moisturized.

3. Avoid washing the stain for at least the first day, try to cover it when showering...I always tell my customers that if it's not possible to avoid getting it wet in the shower then apply a natural oil to protect when showering, don't soap the design, don't exfoliate.

4. Avoid swimming in the pool, chlorine and henna are not friends and will make your design fade much faster. So will bleach and other cleaning products.

5. Take care of your henna, applying natural oils to your henna stain keeps it looking rich and helps it to last longer. Natural oils, henna balm or Shea butter are your friends!

As your henna artist I take pride in providing quality products, an informative experience, written aftercare instructions and a natural henna balm to help you to properly care for your henna stain...the rest is up to you!!

Image shows new henna stain the paste was on for 6 hours and a freshly applied henna design on the left foot. Indoor lighting made the pic look darker.
New henna stain & new design

The next day...both henna stains the following day - approx 12 hours after paste removed from left foot.

Both feet were done within 8 hours of each other, the pic shows both stains less than 48 hours after paste removal. With proper aftercare the stain got darker and lasted over 3 weeks.

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